вівторок, 20 грудня 2016 р.

Temple Beth Israel, Melbourne, Australia

 I've never been in a synagogue. What I saw impressed me deeply. My new friend Rita Grossman told me that in their synagogue, there are very beautiful stained glass windows, but I could not imagine how incredible they will. The atmosphere and the space of the synagogue itself I liked it and I would love to attend the service. But maybe some other time. And I will tell about the stained glass windows more. Their author David Wright (David Wright)

Over the past 40 years, the Australian artist David Wright produced hundreds of high-quality art glass windows for churches, schools, chapels and the city's main synagogue. His works occupy a significant place in contemporary Australian art, but I believe that an artist of this level must be represented in international art centers.
David Feeling Australia and its dominant religion of Christianity is fueled by a variety of influences.
David Wright was born in Melbourne in 1948 and after graduating from the University of Melbourne in 1972, worked mainly on the glass firing. Highlights of his career is 54 square meters of stained glass in the church of Mary Magdalene, the Anglican Cathedral of St. Peter in Adelaide; two windows to the Australian parliament building in Canberra; 20 large windows to Temple Beth Israel Synagogue, St Kilda, Melbourne, a complex of Hindu-Christian Chapel on the island of the Turtle, Fiji and 90 square meters of internal windows of the Holy Spirit Chapel, in the oldest church in Sydney, the Anglican Church of St. James on King Street and many other objects. This is the number of his works, but the quality is not passed by a simple description.
Wright's art is represented in the National Gallery of Australia, the collections of the National Gallery of Victoria, the National Glass collections and more than a hundred works are included in numerous private collections of Australian and overseas. Exhibitions of his glass took galleries and museums of the United States, Europe and Japan. And here is a photo of his works from the main synagogue of the city of Melbourne!