пʼятниця, 15 квітня 2016 р.

Tungabhadra River in Hampi

Правда добраться до нее было для меня не очень легким делом. 
Я безмерно благодарна всем моим новым друзьям, которые помогли мне это сделать.

Our journey has been constructed very professionally and every new move and new place in any way will not be repeated. Bustling city gave way to a small village, small and close hotel rooms changed to spacious, huge temples, buses and rickshaws to boats.
It was very nice after a long drive to relax and swim in the ancient river Tungabhadra. 
But to reach it was not for me very easy. 
I am immensely grateful to all my new friends who helped me do it.

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